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How To Measure

Bolt Circle
4, 6, and 8 Lug Patterns 
Measure from the center of one stud hole directly across the center of the wheel, to the center of the opposite hole (see diagrams) measurement should equal the bolt circle diameter.

5 Lug Patterns
Measure from the center of one stud hole, skipping the adjacent hole, 
to the outer of the furthest stud hole.That mesurement should 
match the sizes on our wheel list's.

Wheel Size & Back Spacing

To measure wheel size and width, start with diameter
 (D) go from inner lip to inner lip. 
Width (W) is also inner lip to inner lip. Back spacing or offset (B)  is
found by placing a straght edge along back of wheel and measuring from center  to your straght edge (see diagram)


Measuring Clearance

When measuring front and rear fender/body clearance first remove the wheel from the car, measure from the face (or front) of the rotor/drum 
to a straight line down the edge of the fender (F).

 (Front of vehicle)

Also Measure clearance from the body to a straight line 
starting at the front of Rotor/drum (I). For the rear repeat measure 
frome face of drum/rotor to straight line of edge of the fender (O).

(Rear of vehicle)

To measure disc brake caliper clearance (A),
measure from edge of mounting surface to edge of brake caliper. 
To measure hubcap clearance (B), measure from edge of mounting 
surface to edge of dust cap.